12 popular foods from the street of Lagos

1.  Waow suya!
Suya is a generally a spicy “shish kebab” (skewered meat). you can find suya at almost every bus stop or open junction of lagos street when you sight that olden days gas lamp on a high table with coal fire burning beside. It is traditionally prepared by the Hausa man we always call may-suya (Suya expert). Suya is made generally with beef, ram, or chicken spiced with grinded pepper, curry,onions and some higher level may suya use tomato and cuccumber. The may-suya man always sells it in old newspaper.



2. Boli (Roasted Plantain) plus groundnut
Boli also known as roasted plantain is a nice snacks with groundnut or smoked fish original Nigerian delicacy. It is cheap and affordable you will find seller on every corner of Lagos street or along roadsides.



3. Roasted or Boiled corn
This is another popular Nigerian street food, you can always buy them boiled or roasted. During its season lot of Nigerian always patronize corn sellers by roadside while coming back from work. Some even buy it raw so as to prepare home dish known as “ADALU” (Beans and corn porridge). Some sellers hawk it in another style boiled corn and coconut sweetened with sugar. Corn is always filling and satisfying take with chilled bottle water or pepsi.


4. Guguru and Epa (popcorn and peanut)
This is another combo on Nigerian street even cinemas make use of it to patronize their customers. popcorn and peanut (groundnut). You can snack away with this at office or while watching movies or just to keep yo mouth busy.


5. Dundun (potato), Fried yam, and Plantain
Wow this is a another perfect afternoon meal for Nigerian, all fries. Always sold hot at the perfect time in the afternoon till evening. some are even advertised in show glasses with boiling oil ready to fry some more as it is readily consumed by Nigerians as soon as its done. Sellers have readily prepared fried pepper to add as addictive so you come back for more.


6. Akara (fried bean cake)
Akara is fried bean cake,frequently sold in the morning and evening is a multi -snacks because it can be taken with various other snacks. Depending on whatever combo you want to have it; Bread and akara, pap and akara, yam and akara even garri and akara. Its so amazing, your choice.  It can also pass for breakfast before work. what is so amazing is the aroma it gives off when it is being fried it taste exactly the same.


7. Puff Puff
Another relative to akara is puff puff made from flour. Lagosian kids are very familiar with this snacks as they see it when going to school in the morning, hawked in the afternoon and still sold in the evening. you just must buy it its very filling. Taken with chilled soft drink you gonna love yourself

8. Moin moin (bean pudding)
oh my! Another delicious bean pudding moin moin is which is very rich in protein, so beautifully wrapped in green leaf you can’t resist. It is sold sometimes in the morning but wait till its evening and the whole atmosphere will be filled with aroma of this pudding that you will get down from you bus and tell the seller to 4 wraps. You can always get them hot and fresh in evening. spiced with eggs or crayfish . Can be taken with bread, garri or pap or plainly if you like.



9. Wanke Rice
Wanke rice is a Ghana recipe made with rice and beans. It is now a popular Nigeria street food, you can always find sellers at bus stop in the evening at some close joints so buyers could stay by and eat. Bachelors and workers are very fund of patronizing this joint especially when coming back from work at night.

10. Ewa agoyin (Meshed bean)
This an energy giving meal which can serve you strength through the whole day. ‘ewagoin’ is meshed bean with palm oil and pepper flowing all over. it is very popular among many Nigerian canteens and you see men in suit devouring the delicacy with bread which is very filling.


11. Jollof rice
you have a quarrel with your husband and want to settle , serve him jollof. You sick and want to get well fast, eat Nigerian jollof. you sad and want to forget your sorrows, eat Nigerian jollof rice. Men this dish could make you commit sin as going to a party you were not invited to. Neigbouring countries Nigeria and Ghana have had tense debate to the point that contest is being organized as to who can serve the dish the best. Well as for Nigeria, we got the best, the dish is then served with the protein of choice and very often with fried plantains, moi moi, steamed vegetables, coleslaw, salad, with Beef’, Goat meat, Chicken and ‘corned beef’ Jollof rice. There are just numerous ways in which it is prepared. An economically friendly versions of jollof prepared by students and singles is “concoction rice” with lesser ingredient supplements



12. Pepper soup, snail and pomo
Do you want to have a nice evening moment, enter into a joint in lagos and request for peppersoup you are going to enjoy yourself. Also you need to taste the pomo and snail that is now sold on Lagos street mixed with pepper, it taste so great. you take this is with chilled chill beer or soft drink.



























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