$12m bridge collapses two weeks after presidential visit

A $12m bridge being constructed by the Chinese Overseas Construction and Engineering Company has collapsed.

The collapse happened two weeks after the nation’s President visited the site.

The construction of the bridge was approved after the event of August 30, 2014, when 11 people perished after a boat they had boarded capsized, killing everyone on board as they attempted to cross the river, Africa Review says.

The President promised that a bridge would be constructed to avert another death from boat capsize when he attended a JSS 3 student burial. The boy dies in the boat.

Though the cause of the collapse is unknown at this time it is believed that the construction was hurried because of the President’s visit.

During the inspection, Project Manager, Jerome Xzue Hua, said they were focusing their attention on the concrete slab and embankment.

“We did not focus much on road construction on the north side because the most critical point of construction is the bridge’s slab.

“We expect to complete the bitumen work at the end of June for the entire three kilometres for both the northern and southern parts,” he had said.

During President Kenyatta’s tour, area MP Ababu Namwamba said the bridge was a blessing to residents since it would significantly reduce deaths by drowning, and make it easier for people to access markets, schools and hospitals on either side.

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