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Amazon planning to release a new messaging app called Anytime

Becoming a daily routine for every smartphone user is using one or more instant messaging and social applications for communication not only between family and friend but also businesses and other official capacities.

Most companies integrate a payment frame into our messaging apps.

Amazon is introducing to the market an app called “Anytime”. The company has been receiving feedback from a survey held regarding the messaging app.

amazon anytime chat app feature list.
Credit: AFTV

The app, Anytime comes with intriguing features which could be encompassing all social features in to one “rich” messaging app that would allow users send and receive message, including voice and video calls, filters photos, special effect and masks for video, mention of photo sharing with @mentions, and capabilities to carry out group tasks such as playing games, listening to music, and ordering food.

Unlike WhatsApp, Anytime would not require a phone number but just a username to search for other people. It’s been designed encrypt important information such as chats, and bank account details. This is necessary because the messaging app will allow users shop on Amazon, make reservations, and chat with business associates.

Recall that in May, Amazon launched Alexa app which allows free messages, and voice calls on smartphones.

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