Android OS, Nougat is now on 15.8% of devices

Google recently published the latest breakdown of platform usage. The statistics shows percentage of android devices running each Android OS.

The data collection which ends on September 11 was collected over a seven day period, the datarepresentation only shows devices that have visited the Google Play Store during that period, so it does not include AOSP devices.

At a negligible pace the Gingerbread and Ice-Cream Sandwich are gradually dropping but the Jelly Bean is continuing it declination with a total of 6.9% of Google Play devices.

The Kitkat dropped more than others, an occurence for over a year. Maybe, in coming months it might stagnate and Lollipop might take its place in the dropping zone.

Android 5.x only got a drop of 0.4 though, which is less significant than last month’s 0.9. Marshmallow saw a slight decline, but it’s still the most heavily used version of the OS.

As usual, Android Nougat saw the biggest gain, and in this case, the only gain. Nougat has been around for over a year now though, and it’s still only on a total of 15.8% of devices. The latest version of Nougat, 7.1, isn’t doing very well at all with 1.6%, and that’s over 11 months old.

The newest version of Android, 8.0 Oreo, still isn’t making an appearance, which means that it’s installed on less than 0.1% of Google Play devices. Once more devices start shipping with the new OS and updates start being pushed, we’ll likely see it show up soon.

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