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Apple brings iMessage to iCloud

Tech giants Apple has announced it is bringing iMessage to its iCloud platform. The announcement was made during WWDC that in its new iOS 11, users would now be able to login in on any device and have all of their messages there, thanks to the new  iCloud integration.

iMessage in the Cloud also means when you delete a message from your iPhone, the deletion will also be reflected on your Mac, a major update to a major annoyance noticed by anyone who’s ever used the Messages app on an Apple desktop or laptop. The company has also redesigned the app drawer in iMessage, and the cloud integration will allow for smaller backups, as nearly all of your messages except for your most recent ones are stored in the cloud and not on your device.

Apple understands that iMessage is one of the core anchors of iOS as an operating system, keeping people locked into its closed ecosystem by way of blue-bubbled group texts with friends and family. Last year Apple revamped iMessage by adding third-party app extensions, stickers, emoji animations, and a number of other well-known chat app features to make it more competitive against Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

The company also borrowed a handful of the best messaging features from the entire chat app marketplace to make its iMessage more youthful and also fun, and easy to use.

iMessages is also getting Apple Pay in a new way: the contactless payment system will have its own iMessage app in iOS 11 so you can pay people directly within your messages. You can use TouchID to authenticate payments and money transfers, and any money you receive through Apple Pay in iMessage will go to your Apple Pay cash card

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