Bring herdsmen perpetrators to justice – EU

Concerning the concurrent clashes between herdsmen and farmers in the country, the European Union has charged the Federal Government of Nigeria to bring perpetrators to justice.

According to statement by Heads of Mission EU, Nigeria, this is an essential step to be in order to create peace in the country.


As a result of the clashes, ruins had been cause in some part of the country and it has begun to widely spread, more than hundred has died and still counting on a regular. Peace has been stolen in once peaceful Benue and other states Taraba and Kaduna but with no has been prosecuted by the authorities for their actions.

The EU shows concern and said it was alarmed by “the escalating and disturbing killings” and called for urgent measures that would allow Nigerians to live together in peace and security in the country.


“While we welcome the visit of President Buhari to affected states, we encourage the government and all stakeholders to engage decisively in order to promote a constructive dialogue with the aim of finding viable solutions and sustainable economic policies that would permit all to live in peace, whatever their ethnicity or religion”


“As a first step, the perpetrators of violence must be brought to justice,” the statement said.

“To the Nigerian government and people in their fight against violence in all its forms and expresses its condolences and sympathy to the families of those killed and injured”

The EU expressed its full support.  Although, the president is currently on tour across states most affected by the conflict.

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