California protest against Trump

Protesters marched and held rallies Monday ahead of President Donald Trump’s first official visit to California. About 200 people marched in downtown San Diego the border of Mexico, to denounce Trump and in particular his crackdown on immigration both legal and illegal.


Trump is coming at a time of tense relations between California and the federal government, which has sued the state over its policy of not cooperating with US immigration authorities seeking to detain undocumented immigrants.


Ariel Norcross, demonstrating Monday outside the Federal Building, carried a placard that read “No hate in the Golden State.”


“I don’t want him, his hateful rhetoric, his hateful administration, any of his policies in my state, in my country,” said Norcross.


“It’s already been a waste of money to build eight prototypes that are not doing anything,” he added.


“People will find their way here,” he said as he walked in a procession featuring placards denouncing the wall plan and children in Mexican ponchos riding on their parents’ shoulders.


A protester, Ali Torabei said that “I don’t know why he took so long to get here but I think he is realizing that this is the strongest point of resistance, here at the border and in the state of California,”


Trump is scheduled to give a speech at a military base in Miramar after inspecting the wall prototypes and later is to go for a Republican fund-raising dinner at Los Angeles


The speaker of California’s senate, Democrat Kevin de Leon also held an anti-Trump protest on Monday in Beverly Hills, where the dinner was held.


The largest rally scheduled for Tuesday took place at a church in San Ysidro, from which you can see the border. Hundreds of people was said to bhave taken part.


In response, a pro-Trump rally in favour of the wall project is also scheduled.




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