Chad exempted from travel ban list

Rex Tillerson the U. S. Secretary of State has expressed his preference concerning Chad being removed from the United States travel ban list issued last September.


The Official who visited the country’s capital,  N’Djamena on Monday described Chad as an “important partner” in counter terrorism.


He expressed that Chad has been vital in the fight against Boko Haram and against ISIS in West Africa with its soldiers in the front line.

According to statement made by Tillerson

“We managed to defeat Daech in Iraq and Syria, we knew they were going to flee that region and we knew his fighters would go to Africa. They have settled in several regions”

He also recalled that, Washington pledged financial support for the G5 Sahel multinational force


In the fight against Boko Haram, a Chadian military source disclosed that the US has a unit base at N’ Djamena airport to monitor the Sahel and to also support the Mixed Multinational Force (MMF).

It was said that the US soldiers also participates in Chadian military training and supplies equipment to the army.


After his visit to Chad, Tillerson also he visited Nigeria and met with President Buhari


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