How to Change the Way Your Phone Looks With Just One App

Are you bored with the way your Samsung, Nexus or Droid phone is looking? Do you

know you can change the way the phone looks totally free.

Well, the way the inside of the phone looks.

In Android phone’s the home screen and app launcher all live inside an app. So if you want to change how those parts of your phone look. You can easily change how they look or even how your app launches.

All you need do is to check Google play store and check for the home replacement app or an app launcher. Download the one you pick and install. After installation, you set it as your default launcher.

(Some home-replacement apps will allow you to skip that last step by walking you through the process of setting it as your phone’s default Home.)

There are plenty of free home-replacement apps available in the Play store, as well as a number of nice-looking “premium” choices for a few bucks.

Some of favorites include:

An LG G4 before and after installing a new home-replacement app. (Yahoo Tech)

Of course, Apple doesn’t allow this kind of customization on iOS. So you Android people should feel compelled to flaunt your new Home renovations loudly and proudly in the faces of your iPhone friends.

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