China detains four WeChat users for spreading false rumors about earthquakes

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security had been in past few days investigating the crimes of spreading rumors online and charity fraud over a magnitude 7.0 earthquake which killed 19 people in Sichuan province.

Eight tourists died and 247 others were reported injured.

The Ministry reports that online rumors making rounds stated that other earthquakes have hit different cities in the China, and have been causing social panic and harmed social stability.

Four people are in detention for rumor making rounds on the social app, WeChat. The ministry has said that it welcomes any reports from the public about users that spread rumors pertaining to fake earthquakes.

The Ministry advises internet users not to create, believe, or pass on rumors. It has also launched an investigation into the charity funds asking people to help the earthquake victims with cash.

WeChat has been under investigation in China for facilitating the sharing of illicit content including rumors. It is unsure if those events were related to the earthquake.

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