China has limited employment opportunities for Nigerians – Consul-General

Nigeria’s Consul-General to the People’s Republic of China on Wednesday implored aspiring Nigerians seeking greener pastures in the country to look elsewhere.

He noted that over 70,000 Nigerians had in 2016 traveled to the Guangdong Province for businesses, tourism, education and healthcare purposes.

The Consul-General while on a visit to Nigeria to strengthen the ties between both country hinted that China would only be a haven for Nigerians who would be visiting for study, tourism and business purposes.

The Consul-General, Wale Oloko, revealed that it would be difficult for unskilled Nigerians to secure menial jobs in China.

“Let me, therefore, say that there are not much employment opportunities for Nigerians or other foreigners who want to travel to

any part of China to do menial jobs”

“Nigerians wanting to travel to China for employment must appreciate the fact that China currently has a population of about 1.4

billion people.

“And the Chinese government has to first be able to provide employment for them.

“And besides, there is the language barrier for Nigerians wanting to get employment in China to contend with.

He added that only Nigerians with exceptional skill in areas yet to be explored by the Chinese have an edge in the Asian country.

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