China suspends WhatsApp full following dissenter’s death

China might have been temporarily blocked the instant messaging app, WhatsApp in the Asian country. Users in the country reported that some features have stopped working, and Nadim Kobeissi, a cryptography researcher has confirmed that picture and voice messages appear to be blocked but text messages are still working.

It is believed that WhatsApp was blocked due to the death of a Chinese dissenter in Prison.

Reports had suggested earlier in the week that messages commemorating Liu Xiaobo were being intercepted and deleted.

A monitoring project, Citizen Lab, at the University of Toronto said images of the dissenter were blocked in private chats, group messages, and on WeChat’s Moments feed following his death.

The most populous instant messaging app in the country is WeChat; the app does not encrypt its messages which give the government to monitor activities of users using the app.

Recall, that in 2015 Telegram was blocked till date in the country for enabling human rights lawyers.

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