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Here you will find information about whom to contact on difference case/matters. You can as well visit our about page to be able to get more information about Techislet, what Techislet can offer and people behind Techislet.

Introducing TechIslet.com

Techislet is a Tech, Science and Business content digital publishing platform. We have a pitch that guide us towards creating unique, interesting and enticing content that keeps our readers/members active on our web pages.

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is the content(post) you contact us to publish on our platform(s). Please note that this is totally different from creative designs, videos, and writing of such post which may be billed seperatly.

In case(s) where you want us to publish your content, your content would have to be approved by our editorial team so as to filter un-allowed words, infrigment and other vitals as the case may be. Meanwhile, please note that your own written content would be published with your name or company name as the author of the post.

You can use sponsored post to pitch your new product, service, or press release.

Products Review (gadgets/apps) and services

We have two major types of review. We can do in-house review then publish our opinion about your products or Create a public review of product for the general public to share their opinion about your product/service.

Advertisment and Partnership

We offer various ways to advertise your product(s) or service(s). We also have creative partners that could create an eye catching banners, videos, or animation as the case may be.

We also channel your Ads to the direct interest group and not a generalize traffic on our platforms.

Although we may go into long, or short-term partnership with individuals, businesses and organisations that are committed to delivering quality or adding value to humanity or their community if your idea or product fits well with our readers interest.

Contact: email

Display Advertisment

Latest Post

Banner Size: 300 x 150
Position: Latest News
Creative can be banner or animation.

Below Article Title

Banner Size: 468 x 60
Position: Below Article Title
Creative can be non-animated banner only.

Banner Below Navigation

Banner Size: 728 x 90
Position: Latest News
Creative can be banner or animation

Side Banner

Banner Size: 300 x 250
Position: Side Bar
Creative can be banner, animation or video

Product Teaser Ad

Size: 280 x 150 each
Position: Side bar
Displays product image and name

Contact: email

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