Corruption is fighting back, corrupt people are fighting back – Ibrahim Magu

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in an interview with Daily Trust, said that he wants

“everybody to join the fight against corruption, whether in law enforcement or not, because we need everybody on ground. Nobody has the monopoly of knowledge in fighting corruption, I emphasize that.”


“We will also appeal to them to create a course unit to emphasize anti-corruption, whether you are in sciences or the arts so that every youngster will grow with that in mind. It would help in wiping out corruption in its own way.”

He was also asked what would be done to speed up the process of prosecution of corruption cases, he said,

“Mine stops at investigating and taking the matter to court, and providing the essential evidence and witnesses. I have very young officers who go to court and face a lot of SANs. There’s a case during which we had about 31 SANs against one small boy lawyer who is just ten years into the profession. Why should somebody carry so many SANs to court, and use all type of language to intimidate the judges?”

Then, for difficulties he encounters in as the Acting Chairman, he said,

“Corruption fighting back. Corrupt people fighting back, basically. They are chasing me everywhere.”

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