Custom officials foil attempt to smuggle 102 Apple iPhone

Apple iPhones are available in China but it might be cheaper if purchased from Hong Kong.

Many people have tried taking advantage of the price difference to smuggle the Apple product into China in high quantities.

Apparently, the methods and schemes that are always used to perpetrate the act are always not cool and often do they rely on people to smuggle them in.

A woman was caught recently trying to smuggle 102 iPhone into Shenzhen, China.

Custom officials foiled the attempt when they noticed bulges created by the collection of phones around her mid section.

The phones were wrapped all the way around her torso, and she also had 15 luxury watches, which totaled to 44 pounds.

The number of iPhone caught with the unnamed woman might wow you, just 102, there have been reported of an attempt of as much as 146 phones and as low as 94 that has been caught from smugglers.

This was a similar case of a man trying to smuggle in iPhone, having strapped a majority of them to his midsection and some to his legs.

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