Death threats toll Norwegian singer for featuring blackman in music video

Sophie Elise, Norwegian popstar, has received death threats after a black man featured in her music video to depict her lover.

In an interview with Radio 1 Newsbeat, she said;

“There’s been so much hate, it’s the most brutal thing I’ve seen in my life. The video was supposed to be about love. It just shows that it’s 2017 but we haven’t gone very far.”

She stated that she is living in fear and is in fact, scared of leaving her house. Also deactivated is an Instagram account that has a link to her work. She also said that she disabled the comments option on her YouTube page due to abuse and threats.Sophie Elise recently got signed to the Universal Music Group, and has therefore is now on the label of Justin Bieber, Kanye West and the likes.

 “I actually didn’t want to remove the comments because I wanted people to see that this type of thing still goes on. I’ve been a public figure in Norway for about six years so I am used to getting a lot of hate. But I really didn’t think people would care about the guy’s skin colour in my video.”                    

Sophie Elise, lives in Oslo, and admitted she thought the track would provoke some discussion but because of the lyrics not the music video. In it she sings about sleeping with an ex-boyfriend’s friends – as an act of revenge.

“I always write from experience and it’s based on an actual relationship but the bit about what I’d do to his friends isn’t true. It’s more about wanting to take revenge on someone who’s hurt you,” she said.

She strongly maintained that these threats would not discourage her from using black models in her music videos in future.

“You know my friends who are black got really sad because they were questioning like, ‘Are we worth less?’

“Also I’m really sad for my parents because they are worried about me and I don’t want them to see things like this.”

Sophie Elise says she’s also spoken to the actor in the video who’s aware of the controversy.

“Before we released the video I sat down with the label to talk about what people might say over the song but no one even thought a black male lead would be one of them.

“The best thing I can do is just keep making music and beautiful videos and keep sticking-up for what I believe in.”



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