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Dreamify for Android Creates Images from Photos Using Deep Dream Tech

image source; TNW news

image source; TNW news

Google created a visualization tool to understand how neural networks operate and also open sourced the code for the Deep Dream project, allowing users to run images and video through it to get some interesting results.

The app which is available for free on Android, with an iOS version in the work allows users to do the same with photos from mobile device. The app lets you take or upload an image, choose any of 12 presets, adjust parameters like iterations and layers, and a bizarro image that looks like something you might encounter on an LSD trip.

Dreamify takes about half a minute to process each photo. While you wait, you can switch to the Gallery tab to view others’ publicly shared creations. If you spot an image you like, you can hear it, share it or save it to your device.

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