FG Will Go The Extra Mile To Support Private Sector – Osinbajo

The Federal Government will go the extra mile to support the private sector in its determination to grow the Nigerian economy.

This is just as the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, said the government is focused on tackling the identified constraints to the nation’s economic growth.

I want to seize this opportunity to reassert the determination of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to continue with what I will describe as enabling business environment while going the extra mile to directly assist the private sector in steadily growing our economy,” he said.

“Another underlining principle of the Economic Recovery Growth Plan (ERGP) and which is, of course, worthy of mention here is our focus on combating the identified constraints to growth.

“Factors like fuel shortages, inadequacy of power, access to foreign exchange, unfriendly business regulations, shortage of skilled manpower etc.; all of these are constraints that we are determined to deal with.”


“There is simply no public sector resource that can match the resources, the drive and the commitment of the private sector. So for us as a government, doing all we can to encourage investments of this type is not just a good idea, it is the cornerstone of our economic policy.

“There is no other way to grow this country without the active management and the active participation of the private sector, it must be private sector led. So as a government, we are committed to creating an enabling environment and eliminating the bottlenecks that impede innovation and market-based solutions,” he said.

On the achievements of the government in the last two years, Osinbajo said, “Nation building is never judged by the number of new projects or fresh ideas that we begin, we are judged by what we complete and sustain well years after.”

“So it’s not how well we start, it’s more how well we finish and maintain what we have created for the benefit of our people in the years to come.”

The Vice President described the construction of the cement plant as a big boost to the Nigerian economy which he said would create more jobs.

“It means thousands of direct jobs and indirect jobs both for skilled and unskilled workers,” he said.

“At the level of production already attained, it also means a consolidation of Nigeria’s self-sufficiency in cement and also a big boost to our export capacity.”


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