Google has opened its latest cloud data facilities in London

Google today announced London as their latest Cloud Platform region and promised to provide computing large data and networking services to its customers.

The London Google Cloud Platform is the tenth of such worldwide but second in Europe (Belgium is first) with codename ‘Europe-West2’.

The new region is divided into three zones which will offer different services.

Though Google cloud platform might be trailing Amazon Web services and Microsoft Azure, Google is gradually competing to provide better services and also decentralize its cloud clusters.

According to Google’s internal testing, they claim between 40% and 82% lower round-trip latency for users that are based in London and neighboring cities like Dublin, Edinburgh, and Amsterdam in comparison to the Belgium region where the next closest Google Cloud Platform facilities are located. Undoubtedly, this move will provide businesses in the UK with a strong incentive to join the Google cloud platform.

The expansion in Europe would not stop in London as the tech mogul has carefully selected Germany, Netherlands, and Finland as locations to boost its efficiency in the Europe Cloud ecosystem.

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