Google to crack down on websites that serve annoying ads

Google is launching an innovation in reducing online advertisements. The Director of Product Management for Sustainable Ads, Scott Spencer, in a blog post, stated websites with ad issues will be notified in recent weeks. Anyone tagged can check the Ads Experience report for information regarding the problem.

This move follows after the Coalition for Better Ads found that 69% of ad-blocker software users were found to be motivated by annoying intrusive ads. The Coalition also found pop-ups to be most annoying advertisement medium found on publishers’ websites. It was gathered that 50% of research respondents revealed that they would not recommend or revisit a webpage containing such ads.

Such issues were not found on major publishers like newspapers or business publication websites but are vivid on “smaller websites”. Most of this smaller website solely rely on ads for revenue.

Google plan to improve the ads on small websites by having a daily review of non-compliant videos with better Ads standard.

“Instead of pop-ups, publishers can use less disruptive alternatives like full-screen inline ads”, Spencer suggests. “They offer the same amount of screen real estate as pop-ups—without covering up any content.” He concludes:

The good news is that people don’t hate all ads—just annoying ones. Replacing annoying ads with more acceptable ones will help ensure all content creators, big and small, can continue to sustain their work with online advertising.

Back in November 2016, Google took measures to prevent users from encountering malicious content online. It planned to impose heavier punishment on “repeat offender” websites that continue to host dangerous elements.

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