Google to shut down Drive and Photos Backup apps for macOS and PC

Recall that earlier in 2017 Google gave out a feature called Drive File Stream to beta testers, which allowed MacBook and PC users to access filed on the cloud without the need for lengthy sync processes.

In a blog post, Google announced this feature – which was initially an enterprise focused project – would roll out to all customers, and its Google Drive and Photos Backup apps for macOS and PC desktop will be stopped in 2018.

This development follows the launch of Google Backup and Sync for Mac and PCs to replace it previous applications on computers. The new program allows the user to select which file types and folders they want to have backed up in the cloud, and Google will do the rest, instead of the traditional method of transferring files to a specific folder on the said PC, among several other features.

From December 11, Google Drive and Photos Backup apps for MacOS and PC will be stopped and on March 12 next year the company will officially shut down the project.

However, it is unclear if the legacy applications would still be able to connect to your Google drive after that point, or if the company will sever ties completely.

Google suggests users migrate to the new Backup and Sync, recommending avoidance of any downtime resulting from the new update.

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