Vouchers, Recharge cards makes list of foreign goods On NCS’s banned goods

The Nigeria Customs Services (NCS) has announced items and foreign goods on its 2016 prohibition list for the benefit of the nation during an annual review on import and export. The list has been revised in order to promote local industry and also for national economic development.


Here are the list of imported goods on NCS prohibition list:

1. Ball point pens

2. Cars – 15 YEARS OR OLDER

3. Cocoa Butter, Powder and cakes

4. Recharge cards and vouchers

5. Pork, beef

6. Refined vegetable oils and fats

7. Fruit juice in retail packs

8. Waters

9. Lizards cannot be exploited

10.Paraceutamol and related drugs


12.Shoes, bags and Suitcases

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