Mercedes-Benz become World’s most valuable automobile product

Following report from 2018 Brand Finance, the three-pointed star brand is now worth $43.9 billion, which is now 24% increased than in the past year. Mercedes-Benz’s advance predominantly due to the huge increase in sales reported for the previous year. According to people behind the report, aside from the specific criteria being taken into consideration for determining brand value

As for Toyota, who dropped to S$43.7 billion, 6% compared to that of the previous year. Likewise BMW, whose product value is approximated at $41.8billion. In 2016, Volkswagen suffered a serious drop in brand value following the Diesel gate scandal, is on the rebound toping up to $25,014billion.

Despite the fact that Mercedes-Benz is the most valuable brand of the year, the biggest surge in value belongs to Aston Martin. The Brits registered an increase of 268% compared to 2017, reaching $3.6 billion and becoming the fastest-growing brand in the automotive sector. Overall, Aston Martin ranked 24th in the report.

Andy Palmer, Aston Martin CEO said, backing on from our immense financial outcome, this approval of the Aston Martin brand is also evidence of our affluent global brand strategy

The fast-growing Chinese auto market managed some serious leaps in terms of brand value, no less than six Asian brands managing to make their way in the top 50: Haval, Geely, BYD, Baojun, Foton and JAC Motors.

The report says, the brand value is established after collating data from several key indicators. These indicators include marketing investment, stakeholder equity, business performance and royalty rate. Brand revenue is also taken into deliberation.

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