My son’s birth brought me to tears – Yemi Blaq

Nigerian Nollywood actor, producer and director, Yemi Blaq who is also a father has revealed what it really mean and felt to have a son. Even though many see and believe that he is a strong man because of his statue, thick nature of his voice is all wrong. Yemi Blaq is a very sensitive and emotional man.

In an interview with Saturday beats, Yemi revealed that when he sighted his new born son, he could not hold the tears in his eyes as he was filled with happiness and joy. He was presented at the hospital to witness the delivery of his son said it was a good experience that will stay with him throughout life.

“One of the happiest day of my life which was when my son was delivered into this world. It was a beautiful experience and i actually cried when he was delivered and i was asked to carry him” Yomi revealed.

Yomi who is married has not for once changed his approach towards his female fans as he only made a better step to be careful on how to handle them so that he does not get into trouble.

He as well stated “I don’t think being married should affect your followers, it is only those who like you and whatever you do will appreciate your talent. There might be some people  who will stop relating with you once you are married, but they are in the minority.” He said.

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