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Nigeria is 9th most spammed country – Truecaller

Foremost caller ID revealing and blocking App Truecaller has rated Nigeria in its “Truecaller Insight Report” released on Friday as the ninth most spammed country in the world.

The Marketing Manager of the Company, Lindsey Lamont made this known in Lagos.

Truecaller is an identification solution application company primarily objected to ensure mobile users are safe.

Lamont stated the top call spammed nations in the world listing India with 22.6 percent, USA, and Brazil with 20.7 percent each, Chile 17.4 percent and South Africa with 15 percent, Mexico was the sixth affected with 12.2 percent, Turkey and Peru also by 12.2 percent, Nigeria with 10.4 percent, Egypt had 9.9 percent, UK, and Myanmar with 8.9 percent.

Others are Italy 8.8 per cent, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Greece with 8.5 percent, United Arab Emirates 8.2, Puerto Rico 7.9 percent, while Morocco and Kenya by 7.7 percent.

She compared Nigeria to Kenya but says Nigeria has an issue with spam calls, as most of the calls come from network operators.

The statistics revealed that 61 percent of the total reported spam calls.

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