Nigerian dies in South Africa during Police raid barely a week after one was shot dead

Barely a week after the death of a Nigerian, another has been killed in a police raid in Vaal near Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ibrahim Badmus, 25-year-old, was killed on Tuesday, about 7 days after 35-year-old Jelili Omoyele was shot dead in Johannesburg over an alleged 300 Rand (about N7,500) parking lot debt.

An eyewitness reports that Badmus was allegedly handcuffed, tortured and suffocated in his home after being questioned by three policemen.

A witness, flatmate of the deceased from Congo, Steve Lumbwe said: “I found Omo (the deceased), my tenant on handcuff. There was a plastic where they put paper spray on him.”

“I asked the police ‘why are you doing this to him’? They said he’s a drug dealer, he must take out the drug and I was like ‘no, he doesn’t sell drugs’.

“My tenant was on handcuff and he started calling ‘Steve, I can’t breathe’. I started fighting with them and tried to help the guy but the other one (police officer) took me out as well.

“So when I went back inside, Omo was sleeping, looking at them and the police officers were like ‘he just fainted’ that they would call the ambulance,” Lumbwe added.

The Nigerian Consul General Godwin Adama and the Police Commander of the local police station Brigadier Nikiwe Hoeane were at the scene of the incident and also calling for calm while investigations were ongoing.

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