Nigerians share their experience in the hands of SARS

It is no longer news that if #EndSARS and #EndSARSnow campaign on social media had gone to the polls it would have to be a total loss to the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS, unit over their unethical practice and abuse of power to oppress unsuspecting citizens.


According to reports, some Nigerians shared their experiences when their opinion on the #EndSARS and how they suffered at the hands of the Special Anti Robbery Squad arm of the Nigeria Police Force.


Mr. Michael (not real name) residing around Akute, Ogun state, said his younger brother was going to pick up his children from school and was stopped by the operatives of SARS at “tipper garage’ bus stop. They demanded to see the vehicle papers, seized his mobile phone and took him from AKute to a Police post around Owode-Idiroko alleging that the boy is a “yahoo boy”. The innocent boy was accused by the SARS operatives to have bought the car in his brother’s name because his surname (last name) on his driver’s license was the same as the one on the vehicle particular, after he had told them he was going to pick up his elder brother’s children with his brother’s car.

The boy was told he could be shot and they would sell the car off at the border.

The SARS operatives told him to call only one person in which he called his brother after the about 2-hours journey from his area. The DPO of the police post where the car was taking to feigned ignorance of the matter saying he doesn’t know the SARS operative but he was the one that released the car key after the SARS operatives were settled before the car was released to them and the DPO also forcefully collected money before releasing the car key.


Online reactions by notable personalities calling for the scrapping of the SARS unit

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