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Ohio, Maryland sites hacked with IS message

In what seemed to be an attack, some US government websites in the state of Ohio were hacked and a pro-IS message was displayed and a call to prayer was played.

The message conveyed a message which says President Donald Trump would be held accountable for “every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries” and ended “I love Islamic state”.

The Governor of Ohio, John Richard Kasich’s website was down for some time on Sunday but was later back online.

The hack attack contained an Arabic symbol which was in black and white in the flag of the Islamic State.

The Governor’s website was down for maintenance after the attack and the message on the site reads “You will be held accountable Trump, you and all your people for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries.”

Emmalee Kalmbach, spokeswoman for the Governor in a statement said:

A spokeswoman for Mr Kasich, Emmalee Kalmbach, said in a statement: “As soon as we were notified of the situation, we immediately began to correct it, and will continue to monitor until fully resolved.”

Some other officials were affected which includes the Ohio Office of Health Transformation and the Ohio Department of Medicaid, and Howard County, Maryland.

However, the websites of Ohio’s First Lady Karen Kasich, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections and the Ohio Inspector General were still down for maintenance at midnight (04:00 GMT on Monday).

The System DZ hacks typically take place on weekends, targeting small-government websites.

The group has carried out series of hacks in the past with many of them carrying anti-Israel messages.

Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel in his reaction in a tweet and Facebook post said: “freedom-loving Americans” that radical Islam was “infiltrating the heartland”.


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