President Buhari in Niger to commission N50bn sugar mill project

Sunti Golden Sugar Estate Mokwa, Niger state is to be launch by President Mohammadu Buhari said The Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc as they

N50Billion is said to be the establishment cost of the mill which is presumed to produce 100,000 metrics tons of sugar annually.

According to Mr Tola Samuel, the company media officer, March 15 has been dated for President Muhammadu Buhari to authorize Estate.

Furthermore, it states that the production plant will provide job employment and opportunity to 10,000 annually and transform up to 50,00 individuals including small-scale agriculturist who will cultivate sugarcane to bolster the mill plant.


It added that the sugar estate would feature 17, 000 hectares of irrigable farmland and a sugar mill that processes 4,500 metric tons of sugarcane per day.

The estate is presumed to manufacture 1million tons of sugarcane which gloss up into 100,000 metric tons of sugar annually.

The manufacturing facility area is summed up to 15,100 hectares, surrounded by a 35kilometre dyke with a cane area that attributes a maximum output of 10,000 hectares.

Against flood is the dyke to give defence from the River Niger.

“Over N1 billion was invested in the state-of-the-art irrigation system that will ensure the efficient cultivation of sugar cane, with infrastructure that includes drain pumps, pump stations, and a power grid.

It concluded that importation of sugar will be at a minimum as a result of the establishment of the project and add value to money in terms of foreign exchange.

It will improve local capacity and lessen unemployment by imposing numberless Nigerians to work.

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