Samsung to replace Galaxy Note 7 with Fan Edition

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would have been a success but its tendency to explode during charging or other related battery problem weaken users passions for the mobile device.

Recall that Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide, Galaxy S8 has slightly received part of Galaxy Note 7 criticism but the company earlier this month launched a “fan edition” of the Galaxy Note 7.

Earlier this year the South Korean tech giant, Samsung announced it would release the Note 7 again but coming as a refurblished device.

It would be called the Galaxy Note Fan Edition. The refurblished version has started selling in the home country of the company, South Korea for $617.

However, the big question remains, would the Galaxy Note Fan Edition be similar to the original Galaxy Note 7 in shortcomings.

Taking a look at some of the internal components. The Fan Edition comes with a smaller battery 3200mAh compared to the 3500mAh cell. This gives little space for the battery to expand like any lithium ion battery which was described as the primary issue of overheating as explained by Wired’s Tim Moynihan.

Neowin reports that In the case of batteries sourced from Samsung SDI, there wasn’t enough room between the heat-sealed protective pouch around the battery and its internals. In the worst scenarios, that caused electrodes inside each battery to crimp, weaken the separator between the electrodes, and cause short circuiting.

In the case of batteries sourced from Amperex Technology Limited, some cells were missing insulation tape, and some batteries had sharp protrusions inside the cell that led to damage to the separator between the anode and cathode. The batteries also had thin separators in general, which increased the risks of separator damage and short circuiting.

The Fan Edition also featured a reworked antenna befitting the Korea cellular networks, Bixby assistant that debuted with the recent Galaxy S8 and it weighs 2.3 grams lighter than the previous edition.

Samsung is expected to officially unveil the Galaxy Note Fan Edition next month, though no reported issues have been recorded.

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