Separatist and Govt forces clashes in Cameroon

There has been uproar in Cameroon as separatist elements and government forces engage in riot. It was said that the violent clash occurred at the SouthWest region of the country on Tuesday.According to report, the confrontation took place in the Nguti town in in Kupe-Munanenguba Division of the region.

It was said that separatists group operating under the Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF) made attack on Nguti Gendarmerie Brigade attempting to overrun the facility.For hours, there was radical exchange of fire which caused panic to residence, some residence were said to have fled for their lives, some claimed to have taken refuge in the forest as a result of the uproar.

Reports said that there were recorded casualties from government forces as separatist group had always attacked government. The group claims that government installation in the area was illegal.The mortality recorded was more on the part of the government including soldiers, police and gendarmes. The attack by the group has been classed as a declaration of war by President Paul Biya.

The Anglophone regions – NorthWest and SouthWest are currently under curfew as the respective regional governments seek to contain the security threat posed by separatists. Aside attacks, the ADF has confirmed abducting at least two government officials.


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