Sony unexpectedly hikes PlayStation Plus subscription fees again

Just last year, Sony announced an increment in the price of its PlayStation Plus subscription service from the original $49.99 in the U.S. to $59.99, matching the price of Xbox Live Gold.

The company today announced another increase in price for the service for the rest of the world.

As stated in a press release, PlayStation Plus will jump in price in most territories outside the U.S. For users in the U.K., prices will go up from £39.99 to £49.99. Those in Europe will see prices increase from the current €49.99 to €59.99.

These prices will come into effect on August 31st. Sony also notified users in countries like South Africa that the price of the subscription will go up from the current ZAR749 to ZAR899.

Sony gave no reason for this sudden price increase, however, companies like Sony usually adjust these prices in line with currency devaluation. For South Africa in particular, the price matches that of the U.S. price exactly (that is if you include VAT).

Microsoft increased the price of Xbox Live Gold in several countries about a year ago as regarding currency fluctuations of the countries affected.

Sony revealed that gamers who subscribe to the service will get Just Cause 3, Assassins Creed: Freedom Cry amongst others for free during the month of August.

The service is available on PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PlayStation 4, and allows gamers to enjoy multiplayer gaming much like that of Xbox Live Gold.

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