South Koreans protest against the presence of anti-missile defense system THAAD

The deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, THAAD, antimissile defense system had on Monday, in Seoul, met with protests from farmers as they claim sophisticated missile defense system’s advanced radar will damage local melon crops and make the small town a target of a North Korea attack.

The town head of Soseong-Ri, Lee Seok-Ju, the location where the THAAD is being deployed to said:  “The THAAD system cannot protect us from the North’s ICBM. I think that the (South Korean) government is trying to deploy THAAD to detect (the North’s) missiles upon the U.S. request.

“However, we oppose the deployment to keep peace on the Korean peninsula and the world and we hope the government maintains independence despite the U.S. pressure.”

Reacting to the protest held by the farmers, the Director General of South Korean Defense Ministry Policy Planning Bureau, Jang Kyung-Soo said: “To manage conflict with the opposition group, we will proceed with the safety evaluation of electromagnetic waves with the participation of local residents and hold local public hearings.

“We will explain the government’s position, emphasize our efforts to communicate with local residents and examine support plans for them at a government-wide level as well as at the defense ministry level.”

The deployment was however delayed because the South Korean President Moon Jae-In requested an environmental assessment.

South Korea had on Thursday stated that it will continue with the deployment of four additional units of the THAAD anti-missile defense system after North Korea launch an intercontinental ballistic missile, ICBM.

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