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Southeast Asia to witness Solar Eclipse on Wednesday

Come this Wednesday, a solar eclipse will occur in Southeast Asia and will be visible all the way till Hawaii. Indonesia will be the only country to witness total solar eclipse.


Astronomers from Nasa revealed that some Parts of Indonesia will witness a total solar eclipse which will last for over a minute in every location on its path. While some regions will witness partial solar eclipse.These regions includes Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Micronesia, and Hawaii. Most of India and Nepal will see the sun rise partially eclipsed on the day.

This occurs once in a year because of the fact that the moon and the sun do not orbit in the exact same plane.The moon will come in between the sun and Earth ,it will block the sun’s bright face, revealing the tenuous and comparatively faint solar atmosphere, the corona.

A space scientist at Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, US. Sarah Jaeggli said  “The moon blocks the light of the sun’s surface very, very precisely you can see all the way down to the roots of the corona, where the atmosphere meets the sun’s surface,”

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