Tesla Model S sets new record, drives 1078 kilometers on a single charge

Electric vehicles are increasing in their competitive edge. As their efficiency increases, their top speed is beginning to rival that of a sports car using a combustion engine.

Recently, Tesla Owners Italia set a new record by driving a Tesla Model S P100D 1078 kikilometers670 miles) on a single charge. This is twice the official mileage rating for the car. Neowin recalls that the previous record for the longest drive by an EV on a single charge was 901 kilometers.

Credit: Tesla Owners Italia

The Tesla team scaled two hurdles to achieve the great feat, the air resistance and surface friction.

With the Tesla’s Autopilot system, the car was driven at an average speed of 40 km/h (air drag is proportional to the square of velocity.)

Reducing the surface friction, the team employed the low rolling resistance tires, which increased the vehicle energy efficient.

The CPU might rely on liquid nitrogen to achieve clock breaking speeds but an electric vehicle might not be practically ready for a thousand kilometer on a single charge.

Fortunately, the industry is working on new battery technologies; It might seem unrealistic at the moment but might soon become a reality.

The whole deed took a team of five people 29 hours to complete. During the test, air conditioning was kept off.

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