Three Black-Founded Startups to Help Visa Solve Its Marketing Challenges

image source; techcrunch

image source; techcrunch

The Everywhere Initiative which was organized by visa was to seek out to source innovative solutions from startups for Visa’s marketing issues around reaching millennial, driving digital commerce and rewards while three blacks where chosen as the winner to help visa solve their marketing challenges.

Visa held an open submission process, while its innovation partner KITE* ran a parallel process through its platform to find other startups that could fit the bill. By the end of it, Visa had nearly 400 startups to choose from. Earlier this week, fifteen finalists pitched their solutions to a panel of Visa marketing executives for a shot at a $50,000 pilot program.

The winning startups was a Virgil that is a tool that assesses your competitiveness for certain careers, Flag, an app that delivers photo prints for free, and LISNR, a solution that uses high-frequency audio tones to enable people to unlock discounts and experiences.

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