Three men bag death sentence for stripping woman in Kenya (Video)

Three men, Edward Gitau, Nicholas Mwangi and Meshak Mwangi have been sentenced to death in Kenya for stripping and sexually assaulting a woman whom they believed was dressed provocatively.

The victim was attacked at a petrol station in 2014, in the outer part of Nairobi. She was sexually assaulted, stripped, and her phone and cash were stolen during the incident by a violent crowd because they claim she was indecent in the dressing by wearing a mini skirt.

The incident which was captured on camera was widely truncated on social media.

The incident prompted hundreds of women to express their grievance against women in a solidarity march through Nairobi, in 2014, in short, fitted clothing, calling for an end to such violence.

The three men, however, had their death sentences lessened to life imprisonments because Kenya had placed a ban on carrying out executions. This means the trio will spend the rest of their lives in jail.

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