Three soldiers killed by Cameroon separatist in an overnight raid

There was an attack at Kembong Cameroon where three soldiers were killed by Separatist fighters overnight, four other soldiers were injured during the attack at the South-west region

Source from two military men and a separatist fighter on Sunday said that the attack in the town of Kembong came hours after President Paul Biya in an address that was televised that the situation in Anglophone Cameroon was stable meanwhile there was fighting and Riot in the country.

“ADF forces carried out the attacks,” said Cho Ayaba, the leader of the Ambazonian Defence Force, an armed separatist group.

Residents in the Anglophone regions told Reuters last week that the army burned houses in the village of Bole and shot residents on Feb. 2.

An army spokesman said claims that houses were burned and people shot in Bole were “totally false”, and he denied that soldiers were mistreating residents in other villages

The problem all started in 2016 when the government came against English-speaking lawyers and teachers who protested against working in French which has now turned into a crisis.

Over the past years, 20 soldiers have been killed in several raids and even policemen, many injured and several untold occurrences in a bid to gain independence for the Anglophone Southwest and Northwest regions.  Many civilians has lost their lives and various destruction of properties during subsequent violence against protesters and campaigns. These has augmented a separatist movement party with some armed group which wants to split Cameroon’s English-speaking minority from Yaounde to form a new state known as Ambazonia

As result, many people flee to neighboring country like Nigeria estimate of over 40,000 person according to the United Nations


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