Tunde Ednut slams Wizkid – “proud and arrogant”

Instagram user, Tunde Ednut has thrown a jab at Wizkid and other Nigerian artists who purportedly do no longer recognize, like pictures/videos when people tag them on social media.

The social media influencer, Tunde Ednut, appreciated the gesture of Rihanna for posting about the sensational Ikorodu kid dancing group and he subtly shaded Nigerian artistes who he said have less social media following but would not appreciate the effort of people who are showing them support.

Our celebrities never even attain 10million, them go pretend like say them no dey see something wey dey move on for social media.

Some won’t even like your post while you help them sell, and Wizkid is inside the leading edge of such mindset. They trust it’s their right as a way to put up their poo. Anyways, we can’t constantly stand on that desk, we are able to come down from it at some point due to the fact the desk move tire for you. Na timber nau. Tunde Ednut stated.

He made this recognized after Rihanna for the second moment shared an image of Ikorodu youngsters thanking her for sharing their dance video.


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