Turkey: Bus clashes with Truck, 13 dead

Today Tuesday around 6 a.m, there was a collision between a passenger bus and a truck in Northern Anatolia of Turkey which led to the death of thirteen persons including children and many others were severely injured


Source said that early this morning the bus was traveling from Istanbul to the northern city of Tokat when it clashed with the truck on a motorway in Corum province which resulted in a fire eruption.

It was said that Medical teams and fire engines rushed to the scene.


According to local governor’s office, “the truck was parked on the motorway hard shoulder when the bus hit” adding  that “an investigation had been launched into the accident”


The local Mayor accounted that children were among the dead without providing precise detail


“It was only me who was awake and I was looking after my kid,” she was quoted as saying by Anadolu.

“Then I heard the sound of an explosion and all the windows were smashed, and the bus began shaking. The back of the vehicle began burning,” she said.

“Then an elderly man broke the window and we tried to go outside.”


Report according to one of the victim,  Emine Gungor, who was rescued from the accident with her baby said all the passengers in the bus had been sleeping.


Similar incidence of accident that has occurred was in January when 11persons were killed when a Turkish intercity bus taking families bound for a half-term skiing trip crashed into trees while traveling on a motorway from the capital Ankara to the western city of Bursa.


Although, Turkey has a dire road safety record with nearly 500,000 accidents and 3,530 people killed in 2017, according to official statistics published by state media.


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