Uber Sacks Head Engineer Accused Of Spying On Google

In the heat of the casr between Google and Uber  corporate espionage, taxi-hailing company Uber has gone ahead to sacked the man at the centre of an ongoing legal scandal.

The man Anthony Levandowski was a former Google engineer  who went ahead to get a job at Uber. He is been accused of  of stealing technology from one company and bringing it to the other.

The lawsuit was brought up  by Waymo, the business unit developing self-driving vehicles at Alphabet Google parent company. Waymo alleges that there was a conspiracy between Uber and Mr Levandowski to steal its technology.

Waymo which claims Mr Levandowski took 14,000 documents with him when he was leaving the company to create his own start-up called Otto, which was also building self-driving cars.

Uber went ahead to acquire Otto for $680m (£540m) last year, and Mr Levandowski was put in charge  Uber’s work on developing autonomous cars.

He stepped down from the leadership role at Uber following allegations of technology theft, but has now been fired from the company.

A spokesperson for Uber has said that Mr Levandowski was fired after failing to meet the deadline for returning the alleged stolen documents, as issued by the judge in the ongoing claim.

Uber denies these allegations. Mr Levandowski has refused to hand over the laptop on which he is alleged to have downloaded the documents despite a court order, and declined to answer Waymo’s questions.

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