UNILAG Hall of Residence presidents in violent clash

Kofo Ademola Hall, a female hostel within the campus of University of Lagos, witnessed a different kind of atmosphere on Thursday when the President and her vice ensued in an argument which resulted in a fight.

Here is the report given by a resident of the hostel.


Something big just happened in Kofo Ademola Hall, Unilag…

A fight just occurred between Kofo President, Gloria and the Vice President, Oge. Apparently, Oge, a 400L of Philosophy, aged 27, tore off the cloth of the president, Gloria after a heated argument, therefore leaving bruises on her body..

The issue has gotten so serious that the Alpha Base has been involved.. Both of them have been taken to the base for further investigation..

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A conversation ensued between a The fellow and a resident of the hall;

[7/6, 10:53 PM] Winifred?: Oge is the VP..
We had a sponsor,so Gloria gave the man’s number to Oge.Oge called the man and the man told her to see him tomorrow.Gloria now asked Oge about the call et al,she lied to Gloria that the man has been posting her.Gloria now called the man,the man said he didn’t post her oo that he told her to come tomorrow..
So they had a meeting this evening, Gloria confronted her so Oge starting shouting,beat her up and tore and clothes
[7/6, 10:53 PM] Winifred?: Gloria started crying, you know she’s soft minded..
[7/6, 10:54 PM] Winifred?: Oge told her she can pay her school fees too..
[7/6, 10:54 PM] Winifred?: Gloria’s roommates went to confront Oge so her roommates too backed her up..
[7/6, 10:55 PM] Winifred?: At a point sef,Oge roommates started pouring water on everybody lol”

The President and her vice have reportedly been handed over to the security officials of the school for further investigation.

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