US to inspect North Korea bound ships

The United States would next week discuss its intention at a meeting of allies to stop and inspect suspecting ships bound for North Korea.

The United States would join Canada to host a meeting with others from around the world on Tuesday in Vancouver to discuss a nuclear standoff with North Korea.

The State Department director of policy planning Brian Hook said the Secretary of State Rex Tilleson would implore “practical mechanisms” to pressure Pyongyang.

“We will be discussing maritime interdiction,” Hook said, raising the idea of a naval embargo to help enforce the already draconian UN sanctions on Kim Jong-Un’s regime.

“We will be discussing with our partners and allies the kind of steps that we can take on maritime interdiction and also be cutting, disrupting funding and disrupting resources,” Hook said.

“And maritime interdiction helps us to disrupt resources.

However, North Korea’s close neighbours are uninvited at a meeting where the decision of the regional bigwigs.

Hook said: “China is working with us,” he said. “This is not an alternative to everything that we are doing. This ministerial will enhance and strengthen all of the efforts underway.

“China has the same policy goal, in terms of ensuring that North Korea does not become a nuclear weapon state and acquire the means to deliver a nuclear warhead.”

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