Woman shot boyfriend in failed youtube prank

A Youtube video stunt went wrong in June 2017; when Monalisa Perez a 20year old shot her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz, 22, in a prank which they hope would go viral. She believed that her boyfriend would be shielded by a thick book as she shot him at close range while onlookers were watching. It was said that Ruiz died on the spot, her case before the US state of Minnesota court was finally judged on Wednesday.

According to the story, Perez and Ruiz had YouTube channel on which they shared their daily lives and pranks, and they were actually recording the prank for their Channel. Ruiz convinced his girlfriend to shoot him from one foot distance using a powerful Desert Eagle 50-caliber pistol while he held a thick book to his chest. The book was said to be about 1.5-inch in thickness.


Ruiz trying to convince that his plan will work displayed another book which he had tested. The book had holes on only one side with no exit hole. Earlier, Perez tweeted that the plan Ruiz’s

“Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever”

“HIS idea not MINE”

And even family and friends said that Ruiz was always talking about performing the stunt which he finally did.

Ruiz aunt told local TV station that she had convinced him not to do it

“I said, don’t do it, don’t do it” she said

But he responded that he was trying to pull more viewers. “We want more viewers” He said.


While people were watching with video cameras recording, Perez shot the gun and the bullet penetrated the book, fatally injuring Ruiz in chest


On Wednesday Monalisa Perez who was said to be pregnant mother of one was sentenced to six months in prison by a Judge in US state of Minnesota

Monalisa Perez accepted an agreement with prosecutors in December and pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter.

The Judge Jeffrey Remick followed the plea agreement recommendations in his sentencing, and allowed Perez to serve her prison time in 10-day increments over three years.

She is eligible to serve the final three months of her sentence in home confinement and is subject to 10 years of supervised probation.


The couple’s YouTube channel is still active and its videos have accumulated 5.3 million views.

As part of her plea deal, Perez agreed to not seek financial gain from her case and was banned from owning firearms.







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