Worship centers, restaurants reject money containing animal fat

Over 130,000 had last year signed an online petition requesting the Bank of England, BoE, to quit using animal products in bank notes after it was noticed that little amount of tallow, a hard-fatty substance made from rendered animal fat were used in the first plastic five-pound note.

The Bank of England on Thursday stated that: there would be no change in the way it produces the new plastic bank notes, in spite of the increased concerns among some religious groups and vegetarians that amounts of animal fats were used in the plastic note production.

The Bank of England said the only alternative to its polymer banknotes is to use more expensive chemicals derived from palm-oil and that its suppliers were unable to commit to using only palm oil produced in the most environment-friendly way.

However, some vegetarian cafes and Hindu temples refuse the new five-pound note which features the World War Two leader Winston Churchill.

The BoE claims the new five-pound is more durable and harder to fake.

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