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10 simple home tricks: save the stress

We have assembled a rundown of simple life hacks that could make your life that little bit more stress free. Most of these simple tips and tricks can be completed without spending any cash as you likely have most of these things in or around your home! here are 10 tricks learn and practice them today

1. This is how to detect if a battery is still good. instead of buying a fake battery that will just last few minute and stop working

2. Has your bed sheet given you a little stress while you were trying to get them neatly folded, here is how to…..

3.  I didn’t believe this till i tried it. waow, it truly works, it didn’t boil over


4. I tried following the doctors advice to have a regular intake of water, but i didn’t know how till i found this. adequate water hack

5. Yeah this had been an issue with myself, i use to have many keys, but this is simple way not to waste time search for the right keys



6. I have always wasted money buying chargers because the wires always get bad. this is how to make them last longer

7. You want to shirt to be looking smooth including the button lanes that always seems hard to penetrate, here is how to press to lanes


8.Some day, an emergency could occur and you following this simple tip could help you save a life.

9. I find it hard holding my phones when i wanna watch some movie that might possibly take hours, this is how to keep your phone in stable position.

10. Bag tend to smell with those unwashed clothes while you are on travel, this how to keep the bags still smelling fresh despite those clothes

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