10 things women look for in a man before falling for him

Now that ladies do not rush into a relationship anymore, they look consciously and doubtfully before engaging themselves in any kind of relationship. Surprisingly, women/ladies will what a man/boyfriend who has value and purpose so as to enjoy a happier and healthy relationship. if you’re single and waiting for the woman/man of your dreams, here are a few things that can help you attract him/her effortlessly.

Men have their own sexual preferences in women.

Likewise, women too have their own preferences when it comes to appearances.

1. Charming personality

A charming personality is everything, but yet it’s not something most men have.

2. A good physique

Go build those biceps and those deltoids on your shoulders. If you want to attract a girl at first sight, you have to remember that appearances do matter. A lot.

3. Have a good sense of humor

It takes less than a minute for a girl to know if a guy has a good sense of humor while having a conversation with him. And that’s all you need to impress a girl.

4. Loyalty

Being loyal means being respectful of your partners’ weaknesses and discretely helping them compensate for those weaknesses. For example, if your mate is absent-minded and loses her keys often, you may help her set a system to make it easier for her to find things and help her search, when needed, without anger or shaming.

5. A man who’s not a pushover

A guy who’s a pushover is one of the worst kinds of men in the hierarchy of dating. A pushover is a guy who prefers to accept defeat just to avoid conflict with someone who’s dominating him.

6. A good job and a nice salary

Well, now we’re getting shallow. But it’s better to face the truth than pretend like money doesn’t matter. Of course it does! You like a sexy woman over an unattractive woman. Women like a rich guy over a church mouse. Be rich and drive a great car and you’ll have a huge advantage already.

7. A confident man

Confidence is a great trait to have for any man. It’s an inner strength that’s seen and envied by anyone you meet.

8. A man who looks good

Good looks always make things easier when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

9. An alpha male

The best women are always in the arms of the best men. If your friends don’t respect you, find new friends. You may have noticed this already, but there are always just one or two guys in a big group of guys who date the sexiest women while other guys sit wide-eyed and hear their success stories in awe. They’re the alpha male. Be that guy.

10. To Feel Sexually Desired

What’s a major difference between your relationship to your partner and your relationship to everyone else in your life? You have sex with your partner.

Women need to feel sexually desired. They want to make sure that you see and appreciate them as a feminine, sexual being.

Praise her body. Feel her and grab her appreciatively. Remind her that you see her as a sexual being and you will both benefit.


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