10 things you must not do after a breakup

Heartbreaks are never good to anyone. But of course, these things happen to even the best of us, especially after giving our best to a relationship, only to get dumped by that person we thought would never do us dirty.

When pains wreck our hearts, we often go through all the motions from anger, to apologize even when we are the ones deserving to be begged for forgiveness, we cry, we rage but eventually, we accept it and move on.

However, between that moment when we hear the news and when we actually accept it, a lot of things happen in our heads, that might prompt us to do stupid things.

So, what are those things to stay away from, no matter how tempting or appropriate they appear?


  1. Try Paying Them Back

Don’t release those nude pictures on Facebook. Don’t reveal their secrets on Twitter. You both must have been on some pretty intimate level for them to send those pictures and share those secrets with you.

Preserve that sweet memory. You deserve to take at least something good from the heartbreak.


  1. Ignore Your Family and Friends

Your friends and family are probably a little concerned about you, they want the best for you. They hate seeing you so sad. But even if you know they mean well, you might be hesitant to open up to them, and you may feel annoyed when people reach out and offer help or words of advice. Having some quality alone time after a break up is good, but don’t cut off your family and friends. They genuinely care about you, and they want to help cheer you up. Even if they can’t fix all your problems, they want to let you know that you’ll always have their love and support. Don’t isolate yourself. Just spending some time with people who love you will make you feel a lot better. You don’t have to open up about everything right away but make some time for your friends and family.


  1. Give Up on Finding True Love

 Although, it may feel like your world is crashing down around you. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll never find love again. There are billions of people out there who you’ve never met, and just because it didn’t work out with one person don’t mean that you’re going to be alone forever. It might seem that way right now, but it’s not true. Someday, you’ll meet someone who will make you realize why your ex-was completely wrong for you, and you’ll be able to look back at this and laugh. So for now, don’t worry about it.

Keep your head up the right person will come along when you’re ready.


  1. Hook Up With One of Their Friends

After a breakup, you might be really angry at your ex, they just broke your heart, and you want them to understand just how hurt you are. Sometimes, it can be tempting to go for one of their friends, to try making them jealous. If you’ve got revenge on the brain, hooking up with one of their friends might seem like an easy way to get back at them for hurting you, but it will always backfire. The best revenge on someone who broke your heart is being happily single and loving life. Jumping into bed with one of their friends won’t make them want you back or think about what they’re missing out. It’ll probably just result in some nasty gossip about you, and in the end, it’s not worth it.


  1. Drink To Stupor

Especially for guys, nothing will seem more logical than going to drink your sorrow away.

But sadly we all know the sorrow will not go. It’ll be there, hugging you in the chest when you wake up in the morning. And of course, it’ll come.


  1. Shop Till You Drop

Yeah, I won’t sit here and teach anyone how to spend their money, but if you think blowing a hole in your pocket, buying those unnecessary shoes and bags will help, no they won’t! Save your money.


  1. Social Media Story-telling

Doing that thread on Twitter and calling out the guy or babe that broke your heart will appeal to you so much. Sharing the story on Facebook will look like the best thing to do, but don’t. Those people you are sharing the story with are actually not your friends.

Some will most likely laugh and even shame you.


  1. Reaching Out To Your Ex

 It won’t be easy, but you have to quit communicating with that person that broke your heart. You just have to block that communication by all means.


  1. Stalk or Bully Them on Social Media

Leave their social media pages alone. You’ll only get yourself sadder. Why not let it go? That’s a better way to handle the situation. Anyone who treats you that bad does not even deserve you wasting any more time or energy on them.


  1. Shag The First Person That Offers

Sex will only offer temporary respite. (Especially to ladies, It’ll be worse than temporary if the guy is a one-minute man).

Even if its bomb-sex or fire-works kisses, it’ll end and you’ll feel terrible afterward. You’re not horny. You’re just sad. Sit somewhere and cry if you must. Don’t off pant for the first person that you see.


The mind suggests these things, but you must be careful not to give in.

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