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5 facts: Pursuing “happiness” won’t make you “happy”

When talking about happiness,we think about staying happy forever – each and every day, each and every moment with zero negativity. We try to seek after this steady condition of “happiness” as our objective, and abstain from anything that may remove it from us.

Be that as it may, what is the significance of this sort of “happiness”?Just like your favorite food. The more you take it doesn’t mean it get better. Despite what might be expected, when you just have an opportunity to eat it sparingly, that is the point at which you truly appreciate each nibble of it. So is it the nourishment itself that makes you glad, or is it how valuable it is to you when you are eating it?

We ought not to forget that only by experiencing sadness do we understand what it is to be happy.

Assuming others are constantly happy is the greatest misconception of happiness.

Most people envy those who seems like they live a untainted perfect live and assume they are always happy and without problems. From childhood, we are adapted to pursue the possibility of “living happily forever-after” as  we are being told in fairy tales. Via social media, everybody tends to share just the most attractive parts of their lives (counting ourselves). So it’s anything but difficult to have a distorted perspective of what “joy” is around us.

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In reality,  something is always missing, something lacking, or something is always unpleasant.

Nobody has a perfect life. Indeed, even the most glamorous superstars or the wealthiest person, everybody has their own difficulties and issues they face on daily basis.

When we feel negative, we’re just concentrating on a little fluctuating bend. Personally, I’ve dealt with endless issues, and some of them felt like genuine mishaps at the time. During those minutes, it truly appeared like these issues would be the decisive of my organization and my life objectives. Be that as it may, I overcame them, and weeks, months and in the long run with numerous more ups and downs.

You have to keep your sights beyond the challenegs. Thinking back now, many of those “really big” issues at the time appear like just little blips in a long queue of encounters. Recalling them in my mind now influences me to grin!


Quit trying to be happy. Simply be.

It’s normal to need to be cheerful as frequently as could be allowed. So what would we be able to do? Initially, discard the conviction that perfect life means happiness. Actually, I would be hopeless if everything was perfect. It’s from encountering the agonies of long lasting difficulties that drives us to care for others when they are encountering similar trials. On the off chance that life was perfect, you wouldn’t have the capacity to empathize. If life was perfect, you wouldn’t develop.


To be genuinely happy, quit chasing permanent happiness.

It sounds like a paradox What I mean is, acknowledge that there will be good and bad times all through life. Effortlessly comprehend that joy is a change of positive and negative occasions.

Understand the significance of appreciation. Rather than focusing on the unpleasant moment right now, flash back your memory to when you had or didn’t have something. I get a kick out of the chance to think about my career, for instance. When I didn’t have a career I was enthusiastic about, I felt lost and demotivated. I felt like everybody was making sense of their lives yet me. Be that as it may, when I discovered my motivation and began working on them, I was deeply happy, even before I understood I would be successful! This memory keeps me going when there are tough spots. It takes the darkness to make us grateful for the light.

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Joy and bitterness exist together

What everything comes down to is this: your life will be loaded with wonderful, happy and mind blowing moments. Cheerful tears and joyous shouts and funny stories. In any case, your life will likewise be filled with rain and tempests that never appear to pass when you’re experiencing them.

Yet, regardless of whether your face is warmed by the sunshine, or your heart is hosed by the rain, realize that it’s all piece of the back and forth movement of life. Treasure the happy moments and influence through the pitiful ones. Try not to keep away from “tragic” or “negative” encounters, and aimlessly pursue being“happy. At last you will accomplish a genuine level of happiness in your life, based on meaningful experiences and accomplishments. Having the capacity to make development and importance out of both positive and negative occasions — that is the genuine significance of “happiness”.

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