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5 Google tricks for better search results

Over time, Google search engine has been a “search giant” globally, several times in a day to make your life easy most time people rush down to Google search engine with a certain keyword without getting the result they least expected.

At times, the way one input anything on search engine determines the results to be processed by such search engine. You may search anything that you like to find as such you can’t get a result of what you are looking for.

With this 5 simple tricks you should be able to maximize and improve your Google search results:

1. Related: Query

If you’re looking for websites that are related to a specific site, you can use ‘related:’ For example

2. Link: Query

You can find sites that have linked to a specific URL through ‘link:’

3. Double Full Stop

Use a double full stop between two numbers to convey ranges. This is handy for pricing, dates, and measurements.

4. Tilde

Use a tilde before a word to include all of its synonyms. For Example Marvel Studios ~Presents

5. Quotation Marks

Use quotation “” marks to search an exact set of words.

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